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    Dilan Bagian Kedua: Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun Milea (Dilan3) Dilan Quotes, Bookshelves, My Books, Novels, Shelf, Nonton Layarkaca21Indo Dilan () - Layarkaca21 Indonesia Full Movies Download, Disney Art. Rate this book . Even if that means bring down a whole cartel (or at least try)! .. THE DELIVERANCE OF DILAN by Kathy Coopmans is the fourth novel in The. DILAN (HE IS DILAN) IN book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. The command is beautiful if it is not for you.

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    The Deliverance of Dilan (The Syndicate Series Book 4) - Kindle edition by Kathy Anna helps Dilan have a full life after all the pain he's endured and the. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - November 14, People. 23 likes. Related Pages. Novel Dilan & Milea. Book. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - January 28, People. 25 likes. Related Pages. Novel Dilan & Milea. Book.

    Feb 26, Rezky Ramadhani rated it it was amazing I never expected that I will like this book. But then, yeah.. I feel this book very much. Maybe because I read it at the right time at the right moment? Overall, this book completes its last two books. All the misunderstanding, all the unexplained things are I never expected that I will like this book.

    It is only a crossword book. But I had fulfilled it. She was so sad.

    Milea denied, and ask for his help to told with Dilan if this is only a gossip. Piyan did it, and Dilan was happy to hear it. Milea was more happy to hear that. She told about Dilan who better than Anhar, because Anhar is very sadism. In monas Milea, Nandan, and Novi go to canteen together, at that time Novi asked a permission to went to toilet. Suddenly Beni came, He was angry to saw Milea and Nandan only two.

    Beni hit Nandan, and say a bad word to Milea. Milea cry and decided to end their relationship. Her classmates come to her house to look her condition. He was joking on the telephone. She asked him to come to her house, and he want. After a minute, there is a unknown women came to her house. She is Bi Asih, she is a massager from him.

    He came to Milea house after a minute, and they are talking very fun and romantic in the same time. Oh my god, how romantic he is! In here Mas Ato looks like a mediator for their relationship, he want she forgive Beni. But, Milea needed more time. The truth is Susiana is a girl who wants Dilan so much. She is very aggressive and coquettish. So close that Milea succeeds in persuading Dilan not to involve in gang fights anymore. Milea develops a good relationship with Dilan's mother.

    One day, she is shown his messy bedroom by his mother, during which she is shown poems Dilan made for her. Milea faces Kang Adi, her and Airin's personal tutor, who is apparently in love with her. She searches him at the school, only to meet the drunken Anhar, one of Dilan's gang member, who slaps her.

    Knowing this, Dilan beats Anhar hard. To understand this story you have to read the other books because they are interrelated. This is the story of Dilan and Anna; throughout the book their point of view are alternated. Dilan has a purpose at this time, a planned revenge against those who damage his life and badly treated him, and to achieve his goal he is willing to give up of the love of his life so that she can survive and not be dragged into this life of crime and corruption, he is willing to do everything to be able to protect her.

    But when you love what we do? Fight or forget? To what extent are we willing to go to protect the ones we love? How far can the power shape the character of a person? How far can go the madness of a man? In this book the family, loyalty, love, revenge and corruption are highlighted. As in the other books, the suspense and drama are at their highest level.

    Not knowing what will happen next almost took me to madness, because I was always waiting the worst, the most terrible news, believe me, this story is not suitable for people with heart problems, lol. One thing is certain; the hot scenes are perfect, because hallucinatory eroticism in each of them leaves us speechless.

    Kathy Coopmans the way you place your soul in every word you write, the way you describe each scene thoroughly make us fall in love with your books, makes us live each scene as if we were part of the book. Apr 30, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. First came Cain, then you fell in love with Roan, then your heart swooned for Aiden and now your soul is owned by Dilan! Kathy Coopmans gave such an epic "deliverance" of this book that it was so unbelievably hard to put down.

    This novel is jam packed with love, action and family. You really do get a sense of family throughout this one as family takes care of their own no matter the situation.

    As I read along in the first few chapters, I really wanted to smack Dilan, but as things came to light a First came Cain, then you fell in love with Roan, then your heart swooned for Aiden and now your soul is owned by Dilan! As I read along in the first few chapters, I really wanted to smack Dilan, but as things came to light as to the reasonings, I could not blame him.

    Poor Anna. She was so innocent before coming into this but spending time with the mob gives you a back bone and oh boy does she EVER get one. She totally lets everything fly. These two together are explosive.

    Both mentally and physically. They match each other at every level. I have to say I really really love the crime family aspect to this story and the research that Coopmans has put behind it.

    She really gives such an amazing storyline with description and back stories that it really captivates you as you read. And oh boy can she ever write a crazy family too. Jazmin and Juan are a whole new level of nuts and they play great villains in this novel. Overall, I cannot express my love for this series. I seriously cannot get enough of Coopmans writing and these sexy hot mob men that she keeps giving us! Dilan has totally captured my heart as well has the other men in this series.

    She writes such epic leading ladies that you can't help but love each and every one of them. So click fast and devour this one May 11, Jennifer Pierson rated it it was amazing. I've come to the conclusion that I never want this series to end. If it's even possible, each book gets better and better. Anna Drexler is is love with the mysterious Dilan, but after he takes a bullet for her, he disappears.

    For six long months, she hasn't heard a word from him, so she's trying her best to forget him. When he shows up for a family wedding with another woman, her heart is broken all over again. Dilan Levy has the burning desire for revenge above all else.

    After doing time for a I've come to the conclusion that I never want this series to end. After doing time for a crime he didn't commit, he's ready to take down the man who set him up, so he can be the man Anna deserves. But will he be able to protect her from the Mexican Cartel before it's too late?

    This book started with a bang, and it never slowed down. The character development is absolutely fantastic, with a seriously hot cast of secondaries. A fast paced, exciting, and very well written storyline flows perfectly. Kathy Coopmans has a brilliant, but diabolical, writing style that kept my heart racing cover to cover. The way she weaves together twists and turns, make for intense OMG moments, that I never see coming, plus she never fails to bring out my girly girl emotions to the forefront, and this story is no exception.

    This is one of my very favorite crime family series of all time, and I hope she never fully stops writing about them! Apr 26, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dilan was so.

    I truly couldn't get enough of him. I think I loved the way that Dilan described her best: Wicked and dangerous in her own way. Downright sexy. Her giant heart beating inside of her is the sexiest part about her. It's big. Compatible with mine. She's tough. She was amazing! But, I'm a little nervous because of what Juan Carlos said, or rather didn't get to say, to Dilan later on The news at the very end The series finale coming this Winter?!

    More murder. One death. One family. Apr 26, Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog rated it it was amazing. This author completely rocks and has quickly become a favorite of mine.

    Each book I have read by her has been amazing and completely captivated me. But this book right here might just be her best to date. This author gave us suspense, the mafia, some steam, and one alpha male who will make you swoon hard. This series continues to get better and better with each book so hold on for a ride that won't soon be forgotten.

    I loved this book It captivated 5 Stars! It captivated me from the very start. This book was gritty, suspenseful, sexy, intense, passionate, edgy, and completely hot. This book will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end and then you will be stalking the author This was a book that has stuck with me since I read a few weeks ago and definitely one of my top read of this year, , for me.

    This is Dilan and Anna's story. Dilan is on mission to right the wrongs from his past and if it means keeping everything a secret and pushing the one he loves away, then that is what he has to do.

    Anna owes Dilan her life. She is in love with him but he doesn't seem interested. He pushed her away. Dilan and Anna are in for one he!! I highly recommend this book. May 11, Patti Correa rated it it was amazing. That is what comes to mind when I think about this book. Kathy Coopmans takes you away to another world when she writes, and that is what reading is supposed to do. This is the fourth book in the Syndicate Series and should really be read in order so you get the whole story behind the characters and what is going on.

    When we left book 3, Dilan was shot, and took off to Lord only know where. Anna was left alone with the rest of the family to pick up the pieces of her heart.

    He had an agenda and was hell bent on carrying it out no matter who or what got in his way.

    Dilan 2 Pdf (Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun 1991)

    Anna continues to impress me with her steel resolve, and huge heart. She is the perfect woman for Dilan, and once they realize that the pages will burn.

    It is not for the faint of heart that is for sure. The Syndicate Series is epic in keeping you on the edge of your seat and Dilan is right there with the rest of them. I think of the four, this is my favorite, I think I said that about all of them, but really this one is IT! I have to say I want to give this one 10 Stars! May 11, Amy Crull rated it it was amazing.

    I swear this series of books keeps getting better and better. All of these books have a perfect mix of violence and romance. I enjoy the brotherhood and closeness they have including their wives. What I really love about these books is while the men are strong and kick some serious butt, the women are equally strong yet sweet. They are very protective of their men and vice versa. This book was no different then the others, you have the violence, kidnapping and the romance including smokin hot se I swear this series of books keeps getting better and better.

    This book was no different then the others, you have the violence, kidnapping and the romance including smokin hot sex! Dilan and Anna are perfect for each other.

    Dilan: Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990

    I swear these two complement each other so well. Sparks fly between these two and it doesn't help that Dilan saved her life. Dilan is out for vengeance and won't stop for anyone to get it. He almost destroys his cousin wedding in the process. Anna, on the other hand, is moving on from Dilan leaving but it isn't that easy. The attraction is still there and when danger use in the air, they are forced to be together. Passions and emotions are high Anna sees a side of Dilan that most people don't.

    They have a very strong connection. Both of them prove how strong they can be apart and together. I can't say enough about how much I love this series of books and this by far is the best one yet.

    I think I have a new favorite couple with Dilan and Anna! Oct 01, Naughty Mom Story Time rated it liked it. This book had the most action and suspense as the previous from this series, but it ended up being my least favorite. Each book has followed the same formula with only the villains changing. I hoped for a bit of freshness with each new book. I did like Anna. She a very strong heroine.

    Her strength was evident in Aiden's book and holds strong in this one when she's put in danger. She feisty and shows more strength the more danger she faces. Dilan was the typical alpha. And after meeting him Well. And after meeting him in the previous stories, his mystery drew me in and I hoped for a great story for him. I was looking forward to this book, but the writing in this one kept me from really enjoying it. Great writing has a way of conveying feeling through the power of word.

    Metaphors and analogies are used to help with that, but excessive use turns me off. There was a page where four metaphors were used for one action and feeling and I literally rolled my eyes at that.

    I'd also like to add that books are in need editing. There were way too many misspelled words, incomplete words and grammatical errors for having been out as long as they have been; however, my rating is not based on these factors. It is merely a strong suggestion. Jun 02, Crystal Solis rated it it was amazing. The Deliverance of Dilantin is the perfect example of why we love mafia books! Even when we know they live a shady life we love and support them because of how loyal they are when there is love and respect, and how fierce they love when there is trust.

    There is nothing hotter than an alpha mafia man staking claim on his woman. There was never a question of love, respect, or trust because Dilan Levy strongly felt them all for Anna Drexler. He just could not risk her life to get the revenge he n The Deliverance of Dilantin is the perfect example of why we love mafia books! He just could not risk her life to get the revenge he needed on the man responsible for having him setup to go to prison, or for the other man that made his life in prison a complete nightmare.

    However, Anna speaks up when she sees Dilan's life is in danger and makes herself a target. His plan go to hell from there and the family then works together as one to eliminate the threat and seek the justice that Dilan so desperately needs. Will Anna be able to forgive Dilan for casting her aside the way he did?

    Jual Buku Dilan: Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun oleh Pidi Baiq - Gramedia Digital Indonesia

    Will love overcome the pain and humiliation that she has been made to live with for the last six months? Katy did an amazing job with this book, constantly keeping us on our toes with just the right amount of love, sex, drama, and action.

    This is one of my favorite series I cannot wait for more. Apr 27, Jan rated it liked it Shelves: They started a war let's finish it. The blurb of this book pretty much sums it up.

    Dilan is out for revenge and right from the very start it jumps into the plotting and his need for a vendetta.

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