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    Joseph Murphy was a Divine Science minister and author. Murphy was born in Ireland, the son of a private boy's school headmaster and raised a roman. MASSIVE Audio Book Sale, Over books to choose from $ Each, CLICK HERE. p6. This site is for those that are looking for help with. Be still and quiet, tune in with the Infinite Intelligence, and continue in right thought, right feeling, and right action, and you will arrive at your goal. Joseph Murphy.

    Joseph Murphy PDF Table of Contents The treasure house within you How your own mind works The miracle working power of your subconscious Mental healing in ancient times Practical techniques in mental healing The tendency of the subconscious is life-ward How to get the results you want How to use the power of your subconscious for wealth Your right to be rich Your subconscious mind as a partner in success Scientists use the subconscious mind Your subconscious and the wonders of sleep Your subconscious and marital problems Your subconscious mind and happiness Your subconscious mind and harmonious human relations How to use your subconscious mind for forgiveness How your subconscious removes mental blocks How to use your subconscious mind to remove fear How to stay young in spirit forever Book Summary In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Joseph Murphy gives you the tools you will need to unlock the awesome powers of your subconscious mind. You can improve your relationships, your finances, your physical well-being. Once you learn how to use this unbelievably powerful force there is nothing you will not be able to accomplish. Join the millions of people who have already unlocked the power of their subconscious minds. I urge you to study this book and apply the techniques outlined therein; and as you do, I feel absolutely convinced that you will lay hold of a miracle-working power that will lift you up from confusion, misery, melancholy, and failure, and guide you to your true place, solve your difficulties, sever you from emotional and physical bondage, and place you on the royal road to freedom, happiness, and peace of mind. By signing up you agree to receive our newsletter with updates and other helpful information. We will never sell your information to any 3rd parties.

    You can see and b e seen,. In other words, your personality never dies. This brother had. His subconscious mind knew the location of the medics and immediately projected him there, enabling him to be seen by the medics. Also, his subconscious empowered him to speak and issue orders. In other words, all the faculties of your senses can be duplicated in mind alone. Infinite I ntelligence makes no mistakes, and it was, therefore, intended that you use all these faculties transcendentally of your physical body.

    Remember, you will have bodies to infinity. These bodies are rarefied and attenuated, vibrating at a higher molecular frequency. There is that in you that was never born; will never die. Water wets it not; fire burns it not ; wind blows it not away.

    It is your Spiritual Self. You go from mansion to mansion, for there is no end to the glory which is man. There are times when the phone rings and you know who is calling. You are picking up the thought of the person who is calling you. In developing your psychic powers, you must be very careful that you use your psychic ability to bless, heal, and inspire others.

    You must never use your psychic knowledge or power to impose your will on. You do so at your own peril. When you see a negative pattern for a loved one, a friend, or a client, you can reverse the condition by realizing the Presence of God in the mind and heart of the other.

    Know that the Guidance of God prevails ; then you will reverse the negative pattern of the other's subcon scious. If while listening to a lecture on mental and spiritual laws, you should desire some specific information regarding. Many people know exactly the time of their transi tion.

    They are in rapport with their subconscious mind, which knows all and sees all. The American. It is possible to hear the voices of loved ones who have passed on to the next dimension. Their desire to. Follow these directions and you will get the desired answer. These are the wonders of your deeper mind. Many people about to pass on to the next dimension will conduct lively and affectionate conversations with loved ones who have long since passed on. The person about t o pass on is in both dimensions a t the same time and sees and hears his loved ones who are.

    Actu ally, they are there to bless him and aid him in his transition to the fourth dimension of life, which interpenetrates this plane. It is possible for a loved one who has passed on and who has an intense desire to help you, to appear to those who can aid you and give them the appropriate message.

    This was the former designation for what in modern terminology is expressed as extrasensory perception. As far back as I can remember, I have heard relatives, friends, acquaintances, and members of my audience tell me about premonitions of events which they felt were going to happen, and happen they did. Countless numbers have told me of dreams and visions which subsequently came to pass exactly as they had seen them happening in their dreams.

    Many others similarly have told me of seeing apparitions of loved ones who had just passed on at the same moment their forms became visible, and they spoke of the loved ones giving them messages.

    Many others have heard an inner voice telling them not to take a particular journey or not to marry a certain person. Many university students who come to see me for consultations regarding emotional or school problems tell me that on numerous occasions they see all the questions in a dream prior to the examination, and they get up immediately. All o f the foregoing are based on extrasensory perception as they transcend the five senses.

    At the Moment of Transition She Appeared to Me Some years ago while I was talking on the phone to an old friend, my sister walked in through the door.

    I was surprised and said to her, "Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Did you come by air? Mary's Convent at Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, and had been a nun for over sixty years. She told me that she had. We conversed for about five minutes. She sat on a chair, was tangible and real, had a body , and were her habit and rosary beads.

    Suddenly, however, she melted away and disappeared. Mary's Convent, Lowestoft, England. We had made a secret agreement that whichever one of us passed to the fourth dimension first would make himself or herself known to the other by appearing and giving a message. This was not a thought form of my sister, but rather her total personality, as she conducted a vigorous conversation with me, answering questions and describing her physical condition.

    She had a body which was real, solid, and tangible, but it was vibrating at a higher molecular frequency and could disappear and reappear at will. Last night I invited about 30 friends to my home to celebrate the New Year by participating in scientific prayer followed by a prolonged silence.

    One of the young ladies present said to m after the silent period, " Dr. Murphy , I saw a man behind your back all the time you were giving your audible prayer. He wasn't present in the group when I came in. Who is he? I don't see him now.

    I advised her that he had written me, saying that he would be with us on New Year's Eve and would join in our prayers. He had stated that not only would he see us but also that he would be seen. This is not at all unusual. He computed the time, 1 2: Just now, as I write this, I have had a long distance call from Madrid, and my friend asked me, "Did you see me last night behind you?

    Her description corresponded in every detail with what he said. He told me the nature of the prayer; said how many were present ; stated that he knew only ten of those present, mentioning their names ; and said that the others were strangers to him. This is true, because only the ten he mentioned had attende d our New Year's conclave when he was stationed in Los Angeles.

    He is experimenting in extrasensory travel, and he told me that gradually he is becoming aware of tactile, auditory,. Man is a mental and spiritual being and is omnipresent. When you think of your mother, for example, even though she may be in Hong Kong, you are there with her.

    Extrasensory Transmission Solves a Legal Pro b lem. An attorney friend of mine has been trying to solve a prolonged law suit for over five years.

    He described his difficulties with the people involved and said they were intransigent, recalcitrant, and inflexible, and that finally he had reached what he termed a dead end. I suggested to him that every night prior to sleep he should imagine. He was to hear me say to him , "Congratulations for the happy ending.

    Look at the wonders God has wrought. He made it vivid and real and retained in his mind's eye the visualized image of myself and the words which I reiterated over and over again. At the end of a week , the opposing counsel suddenly agree d to settle amicably and harmoniously. In the mean time, one of the most obstreperous members of the con tending party passed on to the next dimension.

    This attor ney,. Remember, the subconscious mind has ways you know not o f. Spiritually and mentally I was present, and the attorney used my voice to bring about a conviction in his deeper mind. There is no time or space in the mind-principle ; therefore, whenever you mentally dwell anyplace, you are. Extrasensory Communication Joins Two Lovers. A young college girl came to see me one Sunday morning prior to my lecture at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, where I speak every Sunday morning.

    In tears, she said something along the following lines: I explained to her that she must never impose her will upon another or try to interfere with his life pattern in any way, but that she should first forgive herself and then pray as follows: God be with him. She understood that she had no right to try to hypnotize or mesmerize her fiance or to mentally coerce him to do her bidding, but that she should tum the matter over to the supreme intelligence in her which knows all and sees all, and that this was the ideal way to handle all such problems.

    After the young lady had followed the above prayer process. The explanation to all this is really very simple. Spirit is omnipresent, timeless, and spaceless. In her prayer therapy, the young girl called upon the love and harmony of God to be resurrected within Tom. When she prayed for him, she was mentally. He said that someone was practicing black magic against him, that he was cursed, and that everything was going wrong in his life.

    He men tioned the name of the man who he believed was using voodooism or sorcery against him. I wrote him a lengthy explanation, highlighting and pointing out that all the water in the ocean could not sink a ship unless it got inside ; likewise, negative thoughts of others could not enter into his mind unless he opened the door of his mind and gave them entrance; and that God and man are one.

    This is indisputable, uncontrovertible, and an eternal truth. God is all there is, and God is absolute truth, boundless love, infinite life, absolute harmony, and infinite joy. I told him that when his thought is God's thought, God's power is with his thoughts of good ; that his thought is creative ; and that when he thinks of God's love, peace, harmony, and joy, he is automatically protected and immune to all the toxic effluvia of the mass mind. Actually, when he thinks of the eternal verities, it is God thinking through him, and whatever.

    God thinks can only result in Divine law and order and perfect harmony. Accordingly, I gave him the following age-old , sr tual prescription, the source of which is lost in antiquit. As you continue to do this, after a few days you will actually see a golden circle of healing light all around you.

    This is an emanation of the God-Presence within you, rendering you impervious to all harm. You are now invulnerable and completely insulated from the fear thoughts or negative sugge:: Make a habit of this, and whenever you th: I loose him and let him go. The waiter continued in the above prayer process, and at the end of a week he read in the paper that this voodoo man had dropped dead on the.

    The negative thoughts and imprecations hurled against him by the voodoo practitioner had no place to go, as he no longer received them. On the contrary, he poured out benedictions and orisons on his ill-wisher, and the proverbial boomerang took place. These negative emotions engendered by the voodoo practitioner recoiled with double force back on him, and he actually killed himself. Remember, you are the only thinker in your universe, and since your thought is creative , what you are thinking about the other you are creating within yourself.

    When you send out murderous or evil thoughts to another who has insulated himself by God-like thoughts and cannot receive the negative vibrations, they return to you with double force. This is usually referred to as the boomerang. Furthermore, to think or wish evil for another is to kill love, harmony, peace, beauty, and joy within yourself.

    These thoughts generate emotions, and emotions kill or cure. Evil thoughts plus the. Men, women, and children in this world are simply testifying to our states of consciousness-they are instru ments fulfilling our inner attitudes, convictions, and beliefs.

    According to your belief is it done unto you. Oftentimes you have had an inner feeling and an awareness that the phone call was from a certain person.

    You have had premoni tions,.

    It is possible for a person who has passed on to the next dimension to appear to a loved one if the individual. It is perfectly possible for a person who sincerely wishes to travel to meet a friend thousands of miles away. My deeper mind takes over and brings this to pass in Divine order When you are sincere and come to a definite decision in your mind, your subconscious will project your personality with a fourth-dimensional body to the desirP: There is no time or space in tht- mind-principle; consequently, you can imagine a loved one or a friend in front of you telling you the good news, that.

    Hear it vividly a n d feelingly , a n d what y o u subjectively feel a n d believe will come to pass. Never try mentally to coerce another to do what you want him to do. If you have a quarrel with a person and you wish him to call you, realize that God guides and directs the other individual and that there are harmony, love, peace, and understanding between you.

    Whatever happens following this prayer can only be good.

    You can protect. God's power is with your thoughts of good. You can surround yourself with the whole armor o f God and be immunized against all harm. Affirm boldly: During one Christmas week, I received a wonderful letter from a woman in Northern California, who told me that three months previously her son had vanished from home and no trace of him could be found.

    The authorities were informed, but he was simply one of thousands of teenagers who have run away to places unknown ; results were not forthcoming. Consequently, she wrote out the mental technique she used, which was as follows: It guides me and tells me what to do.

    Then she said he often spoke of going to his cousin's home in Canada. I phoned there at once, and my boy answered the phone. After a short There is an intelligence within us all if we would only stir it up. There is an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. Remember, your subconscious knows only the answer. Ask and you shall receive.

    Extrasensory Drama Re-enacted and Witnessed by a Doctor A doctor friend of mine attending a chiropractic con vention in Canada was given a beautiful hotel room with an excellent view. Since she was exhausted after a long flight, she dropped. Standing in front of her was a tall man, well-dressed, with a revolver in his hand. He shot himself and fell dead on the floor.

    She was petrified with fear an d in a state of shock but had presence of mind enough to phone the night clerk, who came rushing up. The doctor hysterically described exactly what had happened. The night clerk then informed her that a man had committed suicide in that room a week previously , and after offering that information, he immediately trans ferred her to another. She asked me how to explain it. I told her that Judge Troward, who had written many textbooks on mental science and who had been a j udge in the Punj ab of India for many years, once told of a similar incident which his wife had experienced in their new quarters in India.

    She was awakened by a shot and saw a man who had apparently shot himself dropping before her. She also heard his voice clearly. Troward's subjective faculties were activated by the vibrations of the room where it had occurred.

    I explained to my doctor friend that it was a thought form , highly charged with emotion, attached to a particular part of the room where the tragedy had taken place, and that it would be gradually dissipated and fade into nothing.

    Since this experience, this doctor of chiropractic medicine requests the wisdom of her subconscious mind to guide her to hotel rooms which are harfuonious, peaceful, and delightful in all ways, and her subconscious responds faithfully. The emo tional atmosphere around the shocking experience at the hotel was completely neutralized, and the explanation of the drama was the cure.

    His technique is praying without ceasing, which means to him that all his thinking is based on principles of life's eternal verities, which never change. He lives in the j oyous expec tancy of the best, his thinking is constructive, and he has love and good will for all. He keeps his mind clear of all negativisms, fear, and discord.

    Then when he is faced. Begin now to recognize these potentialities of your deeper mind, and they. You can receive new thoughts and ideas enabling you to bring forth new inventions, make new discoveries, or write books and plays. The infinite intelligence of your subcon scious which has the power to heal your body, has a perfect memory of everything you have ever experienced, and can impart to you a vast range of knowledge of an original nature.

    Through the intuitive powers of your subconscious, you can attract the ideal mate and the right partner or employee for your business. The wisdom of your subconscious can find the right downloader for your land, your home, or whatever else you may have for sale.

    It can provide you with ideas worth a fortune, giving you the financial freedom to be, to do, and to travel as your heart desires. Within your subconscious you will find the answer to your most perplexing problems and the. The gold mine and the treasure house of infinity are within you. Joseph Murphy, Prentice-Hall, Inc. The writer was a young lady who had been reading my book The Po wer of. Keller Publishers, Geneva, Switzerland. In her letter she said that a surgeon had given her about four months to live, but added that with God's help, she could overcome the cancerous condition.

    Her surgeon suggested that she read the healing miracles of the Bible and continue to practice the techniques given in The Po wer of Your. Subconscious Mind. All clinical tests are negative. Another six months went by and she received the same assurance.

    Two years have passed and she says that she is completely cured and back at work. Her surgeon was not surprised at the so-called "miracle" case, for he knows the great truth that all healing is of the Most High. I have condensed her letter, but the essence of it, which I have given here, shows that any person with a deep, abiding faith and confidence in the infinite healing presence can get results.

    Prentice-Hall, Inc. Recognizing the Intuitive Feeling of Your Subconscious Mind When your motivation is right and based on love and goodwill to all men, and when your mind is free from self-condemnation and self-criticism and you have no desire whatever to take advantage of any person in any way, you will gradually be able to recognize that intuitive feeling which gives you the right answer to your question.

    The answer may come in many ways, but one of the most frequent is that inner hunch that tells you either to go ahead or to hold back.

    Your conscious, reasoning mind may try to get in the way, but after you have reasoned the matter out pro and con and then turned the matter over to your deeper mind, full of wisdom and intelligence, you must be alert for the intuitive flash which often wells up spontaneously from your deeper mind. Remember, the impulses, urges, and monitions of your subconscious are always lifeward, as your subconscious mind seeks to heal, protect, and save you from financial loss, accidents, and foolish expenditures of energy and talents.

    Self-preservation is the first law of life , and this is the law of your subjective mind. His Inner Voice Saved His Life Recently a man living in the suburban area of Los Angeles told me that he had been invited by his employer to fly in his private plane for some hunting in the northern part of California. He was on the verge of accepting his offer for the week-end when his inner voice clearly said to him, "Say no," and he obeyed it.

    Subsequently the plane crashed in a fog and the two occupants were killed. This man constantly affirms, "God guides me in all my ways. You Can Develop Your Intuition You breathe air without effort ; likewise, you should learn to let the intelligence within your subconscious mind flow through your intellect without tension.

    Your subj ective mind perceives by intuition. It does not have to reason or inquire, as it is an all-wise and an infinite intelligence. If you say. It never fails. We must realize that herein lies a source of power which is omnipotent. Many good people have erroneous ideas about the gift of intuition. Many believe that it is an extraordinary event, to be experi enced only by highly spiritual people. This is not true. Any businessman or housewife can receive an answer by turning to the infinite intelligence of the subconscious mind, and guidance may be received for any problem.

    If you are a professional man or an executive of a commercial organization and you want a new idea for your program, try the following technique: Close your eyes, be still, and think of the infinite power and wisdom within you. This will generate a mood of peace, power, and confidence. Then speak in the following simple manner to the creative intelligence within you, which knows. You must not pretend; really believe it. Accept it and then drop.

    The latter is the most important and is the secret of the whole process. After the quiet period, get busy ; do something; become preoccupied with routine matters, Above all, do not sit around waiting for the answer.

    It comes when you think not and the moment when you expect not. The inner voice of intuition speaks like a flash; it is spontaneous and comes unannounced. Intuition, which means taught fro m within, knows the answer.

    You must realize that the creative or infinite intelli gence which created the cosmos and all things therein contained has no problem ; if it had, who would solve them? Therefore, when you seek an answer, be aware that the supreme intelligence in your subj ective depths knows only the answer.

    The amazing suddenness with which the solution sometimes comes is startling. You are transcending your objective reasoning only in the sense of deferring it to a higher guide. After you have received an intuition, you use your reason in carrying it out. If you are in a negative, despondent, hostile mood,. As a matter of fact, only negative direction will prevail.

    If you are in a happy, confident, j oyous mood, you will recognize the flashes of intuition that come to you. Moreover, you will feel under subjective compulsion to carry them out. It is necessary, therefore, to be still and relaxed when you seek guidance, for nothing can be accom plished by tenseness, fear, or apprehension. Who has not had the experience of being unable to remember a name, then, after dropping the search, have the name come to him later during repose?

    The Cultivation of Your Intuitive Faculty Is of Paramount Importance For every man and woman, the cultivation of the intuitive faculty is of great significance. Intuition offers instantaneously that which the intellect or reasoning mind could accomplish only after weeks or months of monumental trial and error. When our reasoning faculties fail us in our perplexities, the intuitive faculty sings the silent song of triumph.

    The conscious mind is reasoning, analytical, and inquisi tive; the subjective faculty of intuition is spontaneous. It comes as a beacon to the conscious intellect. Many times it speaks as a warning against a proposed trip or plan of action. We must listen an d learn to heed the voice of wisdom. It does not always speak to you when you wish it to do so, but only when you need it.

    If you will only believe, and not just pretend to believe, that Infinite Intelligence is guiding you in all your ways-in your thoughts, words, and deeds-you will be led along the right road. Artists, poets, writers, and inventors listen t o their voice of intuition.

    As a result, they are able to astonish the world by the beauties and glories drawn from this storehouse of knowledge within themselves. The Me aning of Inner Hearing The word intuition also means inner h earing. The oldest definition for revelation meant that which is heard. Hearing is not the only way to nurture intuition. Sometimes it comes as a thought, but the most common way is to "hear the voice. The scientist uses his wonderful gift of controlled, directed, and disciplined imagination, and in the silence he sees fulfillment.

    His intuition relates to his particular science. Intuition transcends reason. You employ reason to carry out the dictates of intuition. When you receive intuition, you will often find that it is opposite to what your reasoning would have told you. Begin to practice developing your intuition and let wonders happen in your life. I f you are looking for a person who has dis appeared, sit still, quiet your mind, and ask the infinite intelligence within your subconscious to reveal to you his whereabouts.

    The answer will come to you in ways you know not of. Be alert and follow the lead which comes into your conscious, reasoning mind.

    A person who has committed suicide in a home or in a hotel room usually leaves a deep, psychic impression.

    Joseph Murphy | Open Library

    The individual has passed on to the next dimension, but has left a descriptive thought form of his act in the particular location.

    This psychic. Praying without ceasing means that you think constructively all day long from the standpoint of eternal principles and verities of life.

    Live in the j oyous expectancy of the best, knowing Divine law and order govern your life, and you will be auto matically guided to do the right thing. You will recognize. Your subconscious mind is the storehouse of mem ory, the seat of your emotions and your intuitive.

    The in finite healing presence is within your subcon scious, and it knows how to heal and restore you to harmony and peace. It can provide you with the right idea and can free you from limitations of all kinds. The infinite healing presence of your subconscious mind made your body and knows how to heal it. Trust it, believe it, and call upon it, and you will get a response. Don't pretend to believe, bu t know in your heart that the creative intelligence which made all your organs knows how to heal and restore.

    According to your faith will it be done unto you. When your motivation is right and you have no. When you make a habit of affirming and at the. If you are seeking a new idea for your profession or business, quiet your mind and affirm: Fear and tension are two reasons why you do not recognize the answer from your deeper mind.

    Quiet your mind and contemplate the wonder of the powers within you. When your conscious mind is. I ntuition offers instantaneously that which the intellect or reasoning mind could accomplish only after weeks or months of monumental trial and error. Sometimes the intuitive answer comes as a thought, but the most common way is to "hear the voice," which you can hear as distinctly as the voice over the radio.

    Begin to practice developing your intui tion and let wonders happen in your life. Some months ago I gave a series of lectures on extra sensory perception at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, and. I shall mention in this chapter in capsule form the essence, or the gist, of these experiences.

    As she fell asleep, focusing all her thoughts on her former home in New York City, she immediately found herself in her mother's home trying to open the front door. She managed to enter the back door, however, and went upstairs to her mother's room where her mother was lying awake in bed reading the paper. Her mother was startled and I heard you come up the stairs; I knew it was you.

    I have to leave now , " and she found herself back in her body in Los Angeles. She was able to describe everything in the room, and she had heard the Christmas carols on the radio clearly. This is not an unusual experience. She was focused on her mother prior to sleep and had developed an intense desire to be with her on Christmas Eve. This desire charged her subconscious mind with a mission , and it projected her personality in a new body 3 , miles away. Her mother experienced the touch of her lips and hands and heard her voice clearly.

    She entered through the back door even though it was locked, and sat on a chair by her mother's bed. She was conscious of being out of her body and was aware of a more rarefied body that could pass through locked doors or other material objects.

    On going to sleep, he was thinking of his father's health and began to pray for him by realizing that the Infinite Healing Presence was vi talizing and energizing his whole being, and he began to imagine his father saying to him, "Son, I never felt better in my life.

    I had a miraculous healing. He spoke to his father, who was startled by his presence, and exclaimed, "Why di dn't you tell me you were coming? What a surprise! He was aware that he had a subtle body capable of going through closed doors and collapsing time and space. All this took place in a few minutes, and subsequent letters from his father confirmed his visit in every detail. Some people would call this an apparition, a ghost, a disembodied entity, etc.

    Man is a mental and spiritual being and will always have a body. A billion years from now you will be alive somewhere functioning at a higher degree of awareness, as life is an endless unfoldment, and your journey is ever onward, upward, and Godward. Conscious Apparition of a Mother to Her Daughter Interviewing and corresponding with men and women of all walks of life, I often hear of many extraordinary and fascinating episodes in their lives which they hesitate to discuss with relatives or social acquaintances lest they be considered eccentric, peculiar, or mentally disoriented.

    A mother living in Beverly Hills was deeply concerned over her daughter, who was ill in New York City. She informed me that one night she focused all her attention on her daughter, praying for her harmony, health, and peace of mind by realizing the God-Presence was flowing through her daughter as harmony, beauty, love, and peace.

    The following example illustrates extrasensory proj ection of her fourth dimensional body: She found herself in the private room in the hospital where her daughter was lying awake in bed.

    Her daughter said, "Oh, mother! I am so glad you came. The daughter heard her mother's soothing words and felt her embrace. This mother smiled and nodded to the nurse in attendance.

    Suddenly she decided to return to her body in Beverly Hills, which she saw propped up in bed as she had left it, but she had the distinct awareness of another body to which matter of any kind, such as doors, walls, etc. Then she re-entered her body.

    This type of experience happens to many people who may have great emotional stress and a deep concern to be near a loved one. This is true particularly in time of crisis, when on going to sleep with the dominant idea of being with the loved one, the subconscious mind is impregnated, and they find themselves on extrasensory excursions to the location desired.

    They are perfectly aware of their physical bodies at the time they leave them and at the time they return to them. I gave a lecture on extrasensory perception at that meeting. Subse quently he said to me, "I have something to tell you which will interest you.

    Immediately he found himself going through a window in an upstate town in New York State with which he was totally unfamiliar. He noticed three men talking and saw jewels, watches, cameras, and furs Dr. He perceived newspapers and their titles, heard the men talking, and decreed to himself, "They will not see me.

    Suddenly he realized these were the men he was looking for. There were three rooms in the apartment. He knew he was operating in a proj ected body which was tangible to him and capable of motion in any direction he wished. He was aware of the magazines that they were reading and knew the town where they were hiding. He said he consciously decreed, "I want to go back to New York now," and immediately he found himself back in his body in his New York apartment.

    When he awakened, he called headquarters, and they alerted the local police in that town. They found all the stolen goods and arrested the three men, who were startled to find six fully armed policemen in their apartment at 3: This detective told me that he had told his department he had received a tip as to their whereabouts, adding that if he had informed his superiors of his extrasensory travel they would have suggested he go to the Department psychiatrist for observation and treatment.

    To be able to account for this solution on the part of the detective, I am convinced that due to his emotional energy being directed towards a solution prior to sleep, he had activated the wisdom of his subconscious mind, which proj ected his personality in a subtle body in which he was able to see, hear, travel, and understand everything going on around him as well as to direct its own mobility at will.

    Also, he had the intelligence and reasoning capacity to decree that he could not be seen by the thieves whom he was seeking. All this and much more are latent powers of man's deeper mind. Through Extrasensory Perception She Knows Her Son Is Alive During the course of writing this book, I received a very interesting letter from a woman in Arizona in which she stated that her son had been reported missing in Vietnam.

    She was distraught, wondering whether he was dead or alive. She stated that she was very tense, worried, and torn between her hopes, fears and growing despair. She saw his bare feet and long beard and the prison walls which surrounded him and the cot on which he slept.

    She discerned the details of his environment and knew intuitively he was alive and well. Subsequent information which she received revealed that her son had been taken prisoner, and she later received a letter from him which was surreptitiously smuggled out of the prison.

    Her subconscious had revealed the answer to her in its own way, and to her it was unmistakable evidence. Extrasensory Perception Reveals Lost Topaz A doctor friend asked me if I could help her to recover her lost ring through prayer. This treasured heirloom had been handed down through the family for generations and was of great value. Oftentimes on going to sleep, I concen trate on a request which someone has brought me during the day. In order to do this, I have a clear impression of the person, of our interview and the nature of the problem, and then I affirm something like this: I accept the answer.

    While I was asleep, in this instace, a scene flashed before my vision similar to a motion picture moving on the screen, and I perceived a woman of foreign origin wearing the ring and asking an older woman, presumably her mother, the value of it. I noticed the color of her apparel, and her hair, which was very gray and hanging down around her shoulders.

    She had lost some teeth in the front of her mouth and there. I phoned my doctor friend in the morning and told her of my experience. She exclaimed, "You described my maid perfectly. She has been with me for 20 years. She couldn' t do that. I t can't be. The maid shed copious tears and said that she had taken the ring merely to show it to her mother and that she had no intention of keeping it ; however, the doctor had searched everywhere for it for two months and the maid had helped her in the so-called search, while all the time knowing in her heart that she had stolen it.

    My subconscious had revealed the truth about the situation.

    This Is It, Joseph Murphy

    I ts ways and responses are past finding out. I asked any person in the room to give me the name of an individual written on a slip of paper. I would send the boy to find the person dead or alive, which he would do bringing him into the room and describ ing him to the audience. On one occasion a name was handed to me which I gave as usual to the boy.

    Extrasensory Travel and Out-ofthe-Body Experiences He said this was a man who had a wife and three children, that he left town between two days, was a carpenter by trade, and had left his chest of tools in a barn and had gone direct to Boston. I told him to follow the man, so he went and said he had found him in Ohio in a cooper's shop where he had died. Still I told him to find him. Finally he said he had found him and I told him to bring him before the people and describe him.

    Said he, "Can't you see him, he stands here. I answered the boy that he was in a mesmeric state he could never understand this but admitted it because I said so.

    To him there was no change, he had all his faculties and his identity was as perfect as when awake. He expressed fear and joy at what he saw as much as though he had been in a waking state.

    I said, describe him. He commenced giving a general description and I stopped him saying if there was any peculiar trait or feature about him, to mention it. Here was a clear case of spiritualism. The subject would read sealed letters, he would go to a distant place and ask a person a question and get an answer, and yet the person would not be aware of answering any question.

    The above report is taken from the writings of Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby written in May, 1 Quimby knew that there was someone in the audience who was acquainted with the person in question and that his subject Lucius, who was in a mesmeric trance, was clairvoyant and could read the subconscious of the person who knew the missing man, the image of which was in his subconscious. Moreover, his trade , family, and where he lived were all known to one or more members of the audience, and Lucius in the trance state simply tapped the subconscious of those present.

    Quimby used the term "spiritualism" to describe it. Today we would call it "sub jective clairvoyance" on the part of his hypnotized subject.

    One of the abilities of the subconscious is its ease in acquiring information by clairvoyance. I accompanied her. She would smile and bow, and when I asked her to whom she bowed, she said it is our postmaster.

    She then said we have now got home. She said our folks are looking. I asked her if her father was at home and if she might introduce me and she went through the ceremony. I said ask your father if anything has happened since you left home; at this she started and turned pale and seemed agitated.

    Upon asking what was the trouble, she said that her uncle was dead, that he was taken sick and had died on such a day and now, mentioning both, also her aunt who came to take care of him had been sick but had recovered and her brother had carried her home.

    All this was confirmed in a few days by letter. Her uncle Dr. Richardson sent me a letter which I have in my possession, stating that all she had said was literally true. I might give many experiments of this kind. When I sit by the sick, they tell me their feelings. But every person has two identities, one has substance and the other the ' shadow. To me the natural man is the shadow, but to himself, he is the substance and all that he cannot comprehend is shadow.

    A person in a mesmeric state proves to a person in a waking state that there are two states and each is a mystery to the other. The one in a waking state cannot see how a person can be dead to the waking state and still retain his own identity and be to himself the same person as before, and when he comes into the natural state, the mesmeric state is lost.

    The mesmerized person cannot under stand why the person in the natural state cannot know what he knows in the mesmeric state. So each one is a mystery to the other. Here is the fact. Wisdom has no shadow; a belief has one. A fact is not a soli d: The stone being the invention of man, it is matter according to our belief1 and this belief makes it a shadow. Man acts either by his belief or his wisdom. When he is in his wisdom, he is to opinion a spirit, but to him he is himself with all his beliefs.

    So as his belief makes him act in matter, every act is in his belief and the acknowledging of matter depends on his belief. In the above report, written in May , 1 86 2 , taken from Quimby's writings, Dr. Quimby mentions that each one of us has two identities, which in our modem terminology repre sent. Quimby points out, in the mesmeric or hypnotic state, extraordinary powers of our mind are revealed which tran scend the intellect and that of our conscious, reasoning mind.

    He reveals how he sent a young lady who was in a mesmeric sleep on a clairvoyant journey to her home, where she saw everything that was going on at the moment, as well as events such as the death of an uncle which had happened some days previously. Quimby, who was clairvoyant in the passive state, accompanied her mentally and saw everything she did. Quimby knew that in the subj ective mind there is no time or space ; therefore, the young woman was in her home in New Hampshire instantaneously.

    Such are some of the wonders of the mind which Dr. Quimby brought to light in May, 1 Many people have what they term strange, out-of. A mother who is greatly concerned about a daugh ter's illness, who is in a distant city , while concen trating on her daughter prior to sleep, may be proj ected by her subconscious mind in a subtle body to her daughter's bedside.

    She can converse with, kiss, and embrace her daughter as well as experience other visual, auditory , and tactile capacities in her fourth-dimensional body.

    A son living in Los Angeles finCls himself at the bedside of his father in Sydney , Australia, and is consciously aware of everything in his father's house. He enters through closed doors and appears to his father, who is startled at his sudden, unannounced visit. Subsequent letters from his father confirm his astral travel in every detail. You also may see the loved one and be able to converse with him as well as describe everything in the hospital room, while at the same time nodding and recognizing the nurse, who, for her part, may also see you clearly and assume you are a relative visiting the patient.

    You appear fully clothed with all your faculties, as you are a mental and spiritual being capable of thinking, seeing, feel ing,. A detective, requesting his subconscious mind to reveal to him the whereabouts of thieves who have robbed several homes, finds himself in their hideout and mentally decrees he will not be seen by them ; thereupon, he collects all the data necessary to make an arrest.

    He finds he is able to move ponderable obj ects and directs the motion of his subtle body in any direction. He has volition, choice, and initiative. In other words, he is a conscious, reasoning being functioning completely independent of his t hree dimensional body. A woman in deep despair, wondering whether her.

    Consequently, in the sleep state, she became clairvoyant and saw her son, garbed as a prisoner, in Vietnam, and even the contents of his cell, and was immediately aware that he was alive and well.

    Subsequent events cor roborated her extrasensory experience. A doctor who had lost a very valuable topaz asked the author to help her locate it through prayer. In the dream state, I saw a foreign looking woman. When I described the woman to my doctor friend, she realized at once it was her maid who had stolen the ring and she recovered it easily. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, in 1 , conducted experiments in travelling clairvoyance.

    In one instance he hypnotized a woman, who became clair voyant, and he sent her to her former home, where she reported accurately everything going on, intro ducing him to the postmaster as well as revealing the death of an uncle and other intimate details, all of which were subsequently verified in detail.

    Quimby followed her on her mental journey, as he was clairvoyant without going into a trance state. He demonstrated the supernormal powers of the mind. In another instance, Dr.

    New Thought Wisdom

    Quimby demonstrated that his subject, Lucius, who became clairvoyant in the trance state, could graphically portray in detail a man who was missing, describing him, his occupa tion, members of his family, his movements and whereabouts.

    Quimby knew that some member of the audience was acquainted with the man in question, and Lucius, in the trance state, simply tapped the subconscious mind of the questioner, who had a complete memory picture of the missing man and knew all about him. These are the wonders of your subconscious mind. One of the most interesting and fascinating faculties of the human mind is that of prevision, or the capacity to visualize a future event before it occurs on the screen of space.

    During consultation work and while conducting inter views with. Her son had phoned her from a Vietnam hospital , asking her to pray for him. He told her that his foot was gangrenous and that the surgeon thought he would have to amputate it. But the son had said to the surgeon, "My mother prays for people and they get well. Call her. God in the midst of him is healing him now, and I give thanks for the action of God which is taking place now.

    In a dream she saw her son and he spoke to her, saying, "Mom, I'll keep my foot. It is wonderful! Subsequent news from her son confirmed her deep conviction in the healing power of God. This mother knew there was no time or space in the mind principle and that her deep realization of the Infinite Healing Presence would be resurrected in the subconscious of her son thousands of miles away. Her favorite Bible verse which she used was: What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe tha t y e receive them and ye shall have them.

    How a Wife's Dream of Her Husband's Heart Attack Helped Avert a Tragedy While writing this chapter in between interviews, I find I get a lot of rich material from listening to people who have had extraordinary experiences with extrasensory perception, and who hesitate to mention their experiences to their closest friends and relatives lest they be ridiculed or thought of as "a little off the beam.

    She felt she was seeing her husband driving his car on the way to Las Vegas, and he was clutching his heart while the car was careening out of control. Suddenly she awoke with a sense of fear and trepidation and with apprehension of disaster. She opened the Bible and read aloud the 9 l st Psalm, the great psalm of protection,.

    He abides under the shadow of the Almighty. His angels watch over my husband, to keep him in all thy ways," and other passages, such as, "God is healing him now" and "God's love flows through him, making him whole and perfect. Later in the day she learned that her husband had had a severe heart attack and had lost consciousness. A passing motorist had come upon the car motionless in the middle of the road with a man slouched over the wheel.

    He investigated and discovered some heart pills in the driver's hand, which, obviously, he was about to take when the sudden attack immobilized him. The motorist put a tablet in the mouth of the stricken motorist and transported him to the hospital, where he had a remarkable recovery in a very short period of time. The motorist told her that it seemed a miracle how the car had come to a stop, as her husband's foot was not on the brake and he was completely unconscious. This woman's prayer that "angels watch over her husband" acted in the mind of the passing good Samaritan, and he proved to be an angel of mercy and compassion.

    This wife's prayer and deep, abiding conviction in the Infinite Healing Presence which indwells all of us, acted on the subconscious of her husband 1 00 miles away, bringing about an appropriate rescue and a remarkable healing to his dam aged heart. She added that cardiac tests revealed what the doctors termed a remarlsa ble recovery. How Oairaudience Saved a Platoon of Soldiers On a plane trip to New York last year, I sat next to an officer who had recently returned from Vietnam , and during our conversation he informed me about his experience with extrasensory perception and about the voice he had heard.

    As they walked slowly along, he heard his sister's voice say clearly and distinctly, "There's a mine in front of you. Sto p! Undoubtedly, they would have been mangled or perhaps even killed had they gone ahead. His sister was a nun teaching in a convent in Ireland , and he said that she prayed for him regularly every night and morning as well as at daily mass, always claiming, "The Lord is my brother's light and his salvation.

    Having a degree in psychology, he realized that the voice he had heard was a warning from his own subconscious mind, which sought to protect him and which indubitably had responded forcefully to his sister's prayer. The urges, whisperings, monitions, and intuitions of your subconscious mind are always lifeward. They seek to protect you at all times, as self-preservation is the first law of nature.

    Be sure to listen to that inner. In times of great emergency or acute danger, often you will discover that your subconscious mind projects the voice of a person whom you will immediately obey and accept as true. The inner voice which seeks to protect you would, therefore, not be the voice of someone you disliked or distrusted.

    Extrasensory Perception and Healing in the Bible Th e centurion sen t friends to h im, saying unto him,. Please do…. Hopefully the site will grow leaps and bounds by user participation. It is on a par with the mentality that mentally draws plans of a house or invention, but never gets beyond the plan-drawing stage. This something more is feeling.

    It is no different in cases of success or failure, health or sickness, happiness or sorrow. The feeling element is the female element, or the mother element, which fulfills or brings to fruition or conscious experience, that which the knowing element thinks or perceives.

    Conceiving, the second step, may be likened to reasoning, wherein the mental element is actively engaged in formulating or organizing its perception or knowing into a stabilized state, or a feeling of certainty ; and in this way feeling is engendered. Every set conclusion that the mentality arrives at has both the elements of knowing and feeling in combination. When the mentality really arrives at any set conclusion, that conclusion is always accompanied by the sense of certainty, which is really a feeling of certainty.

    All can prove this to themselves by giving a little thought to their past experiences. This very perception or knowing, this apprehending or reasoning, and this comprehending or mental conclusion is the triune element, called mind.

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